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3 Essential Spring Home Improvement Tasks

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Spring is a wonderful time of year in Vancouver, with cherry blossoms bursting, grass growing and the sun shining warm and bright. Spring rain is also common in our coastal city, as is the long list of household tasks that need to be done at this time of year. When the list gets too long or time gets too short calling in a local Vancouver handyman services company just makes sense. The expertise and knowledge will help with essential spring tasks get done properly and on time.

Cleaning the eaves

All of the leaves and organic debris that have built up over the winter will be found in your eaves come springtime. While you may not be able to see it, this build up can block the flow of water runoff and damage your drainage system. Even eaves that are covered with barriers will need to be cleaned out thoroughly to allow for the best drainage.

Zaphandy Handyman services will have the tools and skills to get this project done quickly. With a crew this job can be done efficiently and safely, and most importantly, for an affordable cost.

Spring Clean Out and Organization

Spring cleaning is necessary after a long winter season. Windows will be washed, carpets shampooed and closets cleaned out. This is also the ideal time to install new shelving to help properly organize your home. Whichever storage solution you choose, Zaphandy handyman services can help you out with both design and installation.

Having a more organized garage, shed or basement will allow your home to be tidier in general. A custom made shelving system constructed from solid wood or metal will hold even the heaviest of items, adding flexibility to your organization solution.

Landscaping and Backyard Solutions

The green grass will reappear as the warm weather arrives, bringing with it the need for landscaping, fertilizing and various other lawn and garden tasks. Both a landscaper and your local Vancouver handyman can easily handle all of these jobs - you need to decide whom to hire so be sure to do your research and ask for references.

Spring is also a perfect time to design and build new backyard structures, allowing your family to enjoy the fresh air and warm weather. Decks are ideal for outdoor entertainment and sunbathing. Fences help to keep your pets in and also add privacy and safety. Sheds help to add much needed storage space and can be used as a pool change house or a potting shed. Zaphandy Handyman Services is skilled in the construction of these projects and have ready access to quality materials. Read through some of the latest design magazines to get ideas for your backyard structure design.

Spring is a busy time, filled with indoor and outdoor tasks that must be done. From cleaning out the eaves to installing storage solutions and building backyard structures, Vancouver handyman service firms can help get this season's jobs done quickly and professionally. They have the skills and knowledge you need for design, materials and labor, helping you get your home ready for the warm season to come.

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