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6 Spring Home Maintenance Tips for Vancouverites

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

6 Areas Of Interest During Your Spring Home Maintenance

Winter in Vancouver is withering away, it’s time for some spring home maintenance. We’re talking about more than just your standard spring cleaning. Spring home maintenance is all about showing your property some much-needed love after the coldest months of the year. Fortunately, the warmer weather and occasional breeze can make the work feel more enjoyable. To help you start preparing for your maintenance tasks, here are six areas of the home to include on your checklist.

1. Summer Prep 

If you’re like many other families, you’ll be going on vacation this summer permitted the current situation with Covid-19 stabilizes. Since it’s just months away, now is the perfect time to put in some safety measures for when you’re not home. For example, smart locks will allow you to remotely control who can and cannot get into your home, and you can program them to lock at certain times of day. Also, you can set programmable lights to turn on and off as they would during your normal routine. Furthermore, putting up signs in your front and backyard will let potential burglars know that you have a security system.

Along with preparing your home’s security, take this time to get your HVAC serviced. The last thing you want is to forget about getting the HVAC checked and then have the air conditioning go out in mid-July. 

2. Roof 

A lot of things can happen to your roof during winter. Walk around and thoroughly inspect your roof for any damage. Better yet, if it’s been a few years since you’ve had a proper inspection, call a professional to come look at it, at Zaphandy we are happy to provide this service. Whether a simple repair or a full replacement is needed, be sure to have the issues fixed as soon as possible. 

3. Gutters

In Vancouver and most of coastal British Columbia we have notorious months of spring rain ahead, you need to be sure that your gutters are clear of any debris and that they are directing water away from your home. Dirty gutters or gutters that are installed incorrectly can cause serious problems to the eaves, attic, and foundation, as well as cause flood damage. A local Vancouver handyman service such as Zaphandy can help you in resolving this problem.

4. Patio

The patio is meant to be a place where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the cool Pacific warm, breezy weather. Now is the time to take your outdoor furniture out of storage and set it up to complete your patio. Before you bring out that book to read or invite people over for that barbecue, however, you will want to thoroughly clean the furniture. A quality disinfectant is essential for getting rid of germs and bacteria, and you should look for one that works on a variety of surfaces.

5. Screens & Filters

When they’re working properly, the screens on your doors and windows keep out mosquitos and other bugs while allowing a nice breeze to come through. Check all the screens around your home for any holes or tears that need repaired. For a temporary fix, you can place a piece of duct tape over the holes/tears. Also be sure to check your air filter in your ventilation systems as well as any air purifiers.

6. Driveway and Walkways

Winter weather can be hard on materials like asphalt, concrete, and rock. Inspect your driveway and walkways for damage. If it’s primarily a cosmetic issue, it’s not as urgent.

The arrival of spring brings with it a great opportunity to perform some much-needed home maintenance. While there may be many areas of your home that need attention, the items listed here are generally a good place to start. Remember that all of this and anything in between we at Zaphandy can happily help you with; getting your home in the best condition possible will protect your investment and provide your family with a safer and more comfortable living space. 


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