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This Is Why Sometimes It Pays To Hire A Handyman And Instead of DIY

David knew he had quite the "Honey-Do" list for the house, so he called Kosta of Zaphandy

Kosta: "We often see times where the homeowner attempted to fix a project or do something off their "Honey-Do" list at the house and we come back in and redo it."

One thing a homeowner can do, but may choose not to; cleaning out the gutters. It's more important than you might think.

Kosta: "Well, here we've got a pine tree right next to the home where the pine needles and pine cones are going to be falling into the gutters. We want to be sure that we get that cleaned out because if we get overflow of the gutter system, water's going to go straight into the basement."

David: "I would never go up on a roof to clean out a gutter, but I also like the fact that they send out people with years of experience and they have been background checked. That's very important to me when I have someone in my home."

Outside your house, don't forget the deck if you have one. Simple deck maintenance can prevent rot and prevent you from paying for the far more expensive process of replacement.

Kosta: "We can definitely come in and clean the deck; use some chemicals to clean the mold and the fungus that's growing, get some of the loose paint off and let the deck dry. We'll let the deck dry for 48 hours before we come back and repaint or treat the deck, whatever the scenario is."

Aside from checking out the furnace and possibly replacing the different filters inside, another thing you should not forget is your water heater.

Kosta: "On the water heater , we're going to inspect to make sure there are no leaks above it and then primarily we're going to drain it, get that sediment out of the bottom so it runs more efficiently."

With the hot weather coming, check for leaks around the windows and doors. It can save you a lot of money on your air conditioning bills.

Kosta: "That's something else we can take care of as well; repairing sliding glass doors and screens to make sure they're fully functional."

If you call a handyman service like Zaphandy, make sure that they do a walk-around your house. Often times they can spot problems that you can't and will save you money with preventative maintenance.

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