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What A Home Handyman Can Do For You

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

"Do you know the difference between a handyman and how to pick one?"

Handymen are a great help to the average homeowner here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. They are usually capable of handling a variety of tasks so you can ask them to take care of several items in the same visit. What’s more, once you find a reliable handyman, you will tend to build a relationship of sorts, most of our work here at Zaphandy comes from referrals and repeat customers. It’s reassuring to say, “You know that ornery bathroom faucet of mine? It’s acting up again” and be understood by someone who is in a position to solve the problem.

Handymen vs. Contractors

Even though there is a certain amount of overlap between the services of a handyman and those of a building contractor, you will find some distinct differences as well. Contractor work, such as wiring a house’s electrical system, requires a province-issued license. Contractors usually specialize in one area of home construction and repair. Handymen, on the other hand, are often generalists, skilled at numerous small home improvement or maintenance tasks. They do not need a license (although it’s essential to hire only individuals who are insured, for their protection and your own) but may be legally limited to projects under a specified dollar amount. Cost to hire a handyman can be either an hourly or “per job” rate, but will almost invariably be substantially lower than the charge for a contractor. Here at Zaphandy we offer both contractor & handyman services in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas, our team handles all jobs, big or small we do it all.

 “To Do” List

Just about every household has a “to do” list of chores waiting to be done around the home. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to tackle it yourself. Here are some typical handyman tasks you might want to include:

Make the Most of Our Handyman’s Services

Before you hire any handyman, ensure that he is ready, willing, and able to do the type of work you need. Make the most of the hours that he will be working for you. Try to clarify ahead of time exactly what you would like him to accomplish and zero-in on the nature of any repairs to be performed. A written list can be an excellent time and money saver. Keep in mind that while handyman services are frequently billed by the hour, there tends to be a minimum charge and often a travel fee as well. This means that it will be cheaper to pay for one service call of longer duration than two shorter ones.

Ask for a price estimate and, in the case of larger jobs, a signed contract.

Last but not least, check the fine print. Find out whether the work you’d like done will require a building permit and verify that having a handyman perform routine maintenance tasks on, say, a major kitchen appliance will not void your warranty.

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Nov 26, 2020

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